ProtoMIM® – MIM parts in weeks

Metal Injection Molded (MIM) components in three to six weeks. Test and qualify your parts in real MIM alloys. Metallurgically the same, surface finish the same, mechanically the same. The fastest and lowest cost way to get real MIM components.


bullet-yellow Multiple materials from the same tool

bullet-yellow Save qualification costs

bullet-yellow Good for 100 to 10,000 components

bullet-yellow MIM parts in 21 to 42 days

bullet-yellow Verification of process & design before initiating production costs

APP has developed a high speed and low cost manufacturing method for MIM to solve customer cost and delivery challenges. Clients often use protoMIM® for their low volume production, initial product validation, and as a bridge tool for their initial pilot builds while their production tool is in design and build. In a very short time, customers can learn the capabilities of MIM for their design. When required, design changes can be made for the production tool, resulting in very high initial success of MIM production parts.