3-D Printalloy® – parts in days

APP’s 3-D printed alloys meet metallurgical and mechanical properties of MPIF Standard 35 metal injection molded parts and other ASTM alloy standards.


bullet-yellow Same metal as MIM

bullet-yellow Qualify on printed parts

bullet-yellow Directly from CAD models

bullet-yellow No tooling costs

bullet-yellow 5-10 day delivery



APP recognized that 3-D printed alloy selection was limited and metallurgical standards, such as ASTM, did not exist for these alloys. These conventional 3-D printed alloys do not meet stoichiometry and microstructural requirements of the standards due to their processing techniques. APP has developed a 3-D powder additive manufacturing technique that permits the manufacture of components without tooling that are traceable to currently available metallurgical standards. Now your components can be printed to alloy standards and tested to full functionality without the time and cost of tooling.