Application Solutions

APP’s Metal Injection Molding (MIM) products solve performance problems in medical, firearm, defense, sporting good and industrial applications. If you have a performance or an application challenge, APP can most likely develop a solution in our state-of-the-art facility.

Why choose APP MIM?

bullet-yellow High density and accurate metallurgy to solve mechanical and corrosion challenges

bullet-yellow Exceptional surface finish to solve cosmetic and friction challenges

bullet-yellow Accurate dimensions to solve assembly and supply chain efficiency challenges

Medical Application: APP develops and manufactures small, complex components for surgical, dental, and orthodontic procedures. Medical Alloys ranging from 17-4PH SS, 316L SS and implantable ASTM F2886 are available. Our components conform to ISO 13485 standards. See our quality certification.

Firearm/Defense Application: APP components are in service in multiple firearm and defense platforms. We develop and manufacture firearm components ranging from sears and triggers to safety levers and sights. We have alloy steel and tool steels such as S7 that can withstand the most rigorous application stresses. We also have specialized stainless steel and heavy alloy defense components in service for major OEM contractors. APP is appropriately ITAR registered and holds an FFL to be compliant for your firearm and military needs.

Sporting Goods Application: From archery sights and broadheads to golf and cycling components, APP has a materials or design solution to assist you in bringing your product to market.

Industrial Application: APP has developed advanced MIM alloy systems to withstand caustic, acidic, and seawater conditions. Our MIM alloy steel density and accurate carbon levels have proven themselves in the most highly stressed and impact applications.